GI Microbial Assay Plus (GI-MAP) Test

The ground-breaking test targeting vital markers for gastrointestinal health



GI-MAP Test cost – $380.00

There are TWO OPTIONS to order the GI-MAP Test:

  1. The GI-MAP Test can be ordered for your patient by completing the Online Test Request Form.
    Select Option One below to complete the online form.
    You can specify how the GI-MAP Test is to be paid – either by you as the practitioner, or directly by your patient.
  2. Alternatively, you can order the GI-MAP Test Kit(s) to be delivered to your clinic (free of charge) so you can hand the kit to your patient during a consultation.
    Select Option Two below to order the Test Kit(s) only for free delivery to your clinic.

NOTE: Full Payment is required for all GI-MAP Tests PRIOR to any patient test samples being sent to the laboratory for analysis.

GI-MAP Test (direct order for patient)

If you order Option One, the $380.00 is payable prior to the Test Kit being sent to your patient.
Payment can be made by the practitioner or directly by the patient.

GI-MAP Test Kit (order for clinic)

If you order Option Two, the GI-MAP Kit will be sent to your clinic free of charge.
The $380.00 is payable once your patient’s sample has been received.

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