How to order your GI-Map Kit & prepare your patient

GI-Map Kit order

Use this guide for ordering the GI-Map test for your patient. Follow the steps with suggestions to prepare your patient. This guide will ensure best practices for the test and keep the process simple for patients. You can also download this guide as a PDF document to print.

How to order your GI-Map Kit & prepare your patient

1. Complete GI Map Test Request Form GI-Map Test Patient Process

Fill out the online test request form available here…

2. Order Your GI Map Test Kit

Test kits can be purchased here…

3. Prepare Your Patient

To prepare your patient, see the information below.
   Please note: this is a one-day stool sample.

  • 2 weeks before the test – Where possible cease taking oral steroids
  • 2 days before the test – Follow your normal diet ensuring you are eating a wide variety of foods.

4. Receive the Results

You should receive the test results in approx. 2 weeks from the date the sample is taken.

5. Book a free GI Map Interpretation

Our GI Map experts are available to assist you in interpreting your results.  Book your complimentary consultation here…

6. Set the Protocol

With a thorough understanding of your patient’s results, set a protocol to suit their unique needs.

7. Retest If Necessary

If you feel it necessary, a retest can be done after your treatment protocol is carried out. 

Source: Live interview with Dr David Brady, December 2018, Sydney Australia

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Gl-Map Seminar

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Presented by Dr David Brady, Chief Medical Officer for Diagnostic Solutions Laboratories and Dr Oscar Coetzee, Doctor of Clinical Nutrition and Associate Professor.


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