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We constantly use our “Science First” approach to
design nutritional products based on the latest science
and innovation, and clinical health research.
Designs for Health, Practitioner only science based nutritional formulas Designs for Health, Practitioner only science based nutritional formulas Designs for Health, Practitioner only science based nutritional formulas

Our Process

We achieve this through our focus on five guiding principles. Designing practitioner only nutritional products which demonstrate our commitment to clinical research, natural health science and innovative product development.


DFH is committed to supporting the HCP community and advancing our collective mission of making functional medicine the new standard for healthcare throughout the world. That’s why we constantly review the latest science and seek feedback from the practising professionals we support.


At Designs for Health, we formulate our products with evidence based scientific research and innovation in mind.


Our research team analyse the latest research to ensure meaningful and relevant ingredients and formulations for our practitioners.


Quality is controlled from raw material selection through to GMP manufacturing of the finished product. Our comprehensive testing for quality and efficacy specifically tests for; identity, purity and strength.


We specifically formulate to ensure low quantity and number of excipients and provide full visibility of all excipients on all product labels. We use two part clear or soft gel capsules and select ingredients which do not contain gluten, soy protein and artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Our “Science First” Approach

From cutting-edge delivery technologies and diagnostic tools, to next generation sourcing and production techniques, we are creating products with quality, purity and potency in mind.

Personalised medicine, Designs for Health

Personalised Medicine


Until now, the ability to be able to analyse what is in an individual’s GI microbial environment has been limited to the use of tests which rely on cultures being performed on stool analysis in laboratory environments. Designs for Health have now partnered with Diagnostics Solutions Laboratory, to provide the first ever third party validated, DNA/PCR test performed on stools. Unlike the traditional culture methods which results in only 50% of the GI Microbial data being analysed, the DNA/PCR assay can detect many more organisms due to its ability to identify genetics of the microbes, even if they are no longer alive in the stool sample.

Liposomal Delivery Technology

Liposomal technology is a proprietary process developed for optimal absorption and bioavailability. Liposomes are spheres made of phospholipids—the same primary building blocks of cell membranes. Liposomes bond easily with cell membranes to deliver their nutrient cargo. Liposomes are extremely tiny particles, which allows for fast absorption, starting in the mouth and are delivered through microscopic, more stable, single-layer spheres, made from the highest quality ingredients available.

Liposomal Deleivery Technology, Designs for Health
Email Technology, Designs for Health

Evail™ Technology

Evail technology is our proprietary formulation method, used in the manufacturing process to improve the absorption and delivery of fat soluable nutritents. This process uses a proprietary blend of MCT oils, non-soy derived lecithin, and vitamin E, without the use of potentially harmful surfactants. All of Design for Health fat-soluable nutrients are encapsulated in soft gel, using our Evail™ technology, enhancing the absorption ability by the body within the GI tract.

Alask Omega™

All of our Designs for Health omega 3 products use a patented source of highly concentrated fish oil sourced using the highest standards of freshness and purity. We use sustainable wild Alaskan Pollock fish oil extracted immediately upon catch. In fact, when it comes to freshness and purity we have gone beyond the limits set by the omega 3 industry. Our omega 3 ingredients deliver five times lower levels than the permitted maximum oxidation and organic contaminent levels allowed by the GOED, a standard used by the omega-3 industry.

Alask Omega, Designs for Health
Giomag, Designs for Health

Bioavailable Magnesium

With a bioavailable blend of three different forms of magnesium, Designs for Health Magnesium formulations include Magnesium as Glycerophosphate, Orotate and Amino Acid Chelate forms.
Magnesium glycerophosphate has shown to provide superior absorption over other forms of magnesium, with a high tolerance.
Magnesium Orotate is specific for heart health, and is the magnesium of choice for cardiologists.


Quatrefolic™, is a patented form of B9 Folate which has been clinically proven to be the most bioavailable form compared with all other forms of folate. Quatrefolic™ has been proven to successfully pass through the GI tract, ensuring higher folate uptake. B9 Folate is essential as it works together with B12 to convert into an essential amino acid, known as methionine.

Quatrefolic, Designs for Health

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